Shining the light regardless of conditions

This site was created when one of our writing staff was at the hospital while his father was dying. A visit to his room was paid by a missionary of some religion (he didn't remember which one) who over a period of several months spent a total of many hours visiting his father. This became an action of note for our writer as:

    • his dad was neither interested in finding religion
    • or in living another day in pain.

The action which struck our person was that this missionary did this task daily without regard to the odds of success. Upon hearing this story we realized that this group of people had an energy which we wanted to look at.  

We call it the Lighthouse Energy: Where a lighthouse shines it's light regardless of there being:
    • any ships to see the light
    • nor any power to save the ship other than shining the light

With those thoughts we explore these people and this energy.
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